The World and Ourselves

by Talking With Hands

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Talking With Hands is Matthew Smith. He loves his wife Heamin.

Thanks to Rogers, Pigg, Harris, Tetuan, Cammarn, Carminati, Eades
Ferguson, Frazier, Gallagher, Grimes, Hamada, Sun, Smith

Produced by Paul Rogers and Matthew Smith with Gabriel Pigg and Ben Grimes

Recorded & Mixed by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes
Mastered by John Baldwin
Artwork by Matthew Smith and Michael Eades


released July 29, 2013

Words and Music by Matthew Smith

Performed by:

Matthew Smith: Guitars and Vocals
Heamin Sun: Bass and Vocals
Gabriel Pigg: Drums, Piano/Keyboards and Vocals
Kevin Tetuan: Guitars
Brandon Lee Harris: Additional Keyboards
Ben Grimes: Additional Guitars




all rights reserved


Talking With Hands Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Newborn Friends
When we make our house a home, can we feel like we’re alone
Or do we need some extra feet, filing out to meet us on the corner of the street
Let’s get on where we belong

When the pattering begins and we’ve found our newborn friends
Do the secrets still get out, is there even more to fuss and fight about
Let’s get home where we belong

We always had a good idea
But never made it crystal clear
We can view it in our hearts
It’s time to make a brand new start

And now we simply view all day
Knowing sometime surely we will say
Things have turned out rather odd
But when we sing we know that there is still a god
Then we die but it’s alright

We always had a good idea
Track Name: Carrying On For Days
New in this town and you’ll tell ‘em all
Yea there’s a void in this place and you’ll rise
Doing yourself a big favor now
There’s a pear in your pack and it’s ripe

Carrying on for days is the hardest dream you’ve come to
You know you’re tailoring all your ways and tearing up your rooms
The feeling in your heart is another sign from heaven
You’re sure as hell it’s soulful and you’ll kill before you’ll lose

Doing your part pushing through the doors
You got a wind in your sail you can ride
Well can you fall into arms of a three-piece crocodile
Is it comfortably rough and alive?

There’s a voice in your mind and it’s telling you to die
The foolish remarks of a spy

Carrying on for days is the hardest dream you rode on
You know you’re clearly on your way but not outside the loop
Well surely there’s some freedom somewhere in the sky
But back here they’re just stealing everything you write

Well I’m in so far as the wheel wants to turn
I’m in so far…

Carrying on for days was the perfect dream for someone
But now you’re selling tapes, you’re throwing them away.
Track Name: The World Is Alright
Buildings and people have their time
Come up get born, stand in line
Making is meaning, purpose life
Giving is learning, peace of mind

In a place that you needed to be
To find call on the things that you see
It’s a part of yourself that you need
Ok, right

Perception, opinion without a thought
Your second nature is sold and bought

In a place that you needed to be
To find all those things that you’ve seen
With the proof would you start to believe?
That’s the wrong part, that’s the wrong heart

Canon ball time, it’s the means to get out of sight
It’s the world outside, you thought it’s alright
Sitting inside makes everyone seem alright
But there’s more in store, you got it all wrong
The world is alright, the world is wrong

It’s certain the truth is resting true
Before us the curtain was ripped into

It’s the man that you wanted to see
So you better stop trying to believe
It’s the truth that you start to perceive
It’s the planet it’s not you and me
Ok right

Killing our time, it’s loose and you’ll get it right
It’s the world outside, you thought it’s alright
Sitting inside it’s a waste of our precious time
It’s the world outside, you thought it’s alright
The world is alright, the world is alright
The world is…

Make it better that’s your task
Track Name: Backward in Time
Here in this place where time isn’t right
Your frontward is back and reasons don’t rhyme
Pictures of youth make you feel nice
The truth is you have one before you can die

We feel safe in loving
It’s the long way returning
It’s same test relearning
It’s the proof, It’s a game

The fiend in the film who stole all the rights
Makes off with the millions and runs through the night
He’s seen in the streets, he’s seen under lights
He’s seen in the places where the decent unite

He feels safe in love
It’s the long way returning
Can you see the same relearning?
Here’s the proof
It’s a game
It’s your move
Track Name: Selling Reasons
I’m gonna tell ‘em
I got a lot of reasons
I’m here to sell ‘em
In the parks to the dealers

I’m gonna tell ‘em
There’s a fucking demon
It’s antebellum
it’s the future sealer

I’m gonna tell ‘em
There’s a serious reason
I’m here to sell it, it’s a long way back
Do you feel it where we’re going now?
Out of cradle is the place to be
When you’re thinking about more than me

Now, I’m gonna tell ‘em it’s a long way back
You gotta see it where we’re going now
And where we fell now we can go along
‘til we’re finding our destination
Track Name: DanJ
Kicking Satan out of your skull
Staring out of burglarized homes
Selling out before leaving home
You never told me what you did
But I can say I’m interested

Shaking hands and hoping for love
Answering to God up above you
Wishing for those magical words
You never sang me a song
But I can tell that we’d get along

As you spiral down
You’re hoping for the ground
Your father wrestles your hands free
God promised you happy landings

So you started playing guitar
The devil said he’d make you a star
Well, put the media on alert
I never tried to hold your hand
But nonetheless look where I am

Look where he’s walking
He’s gonna bring his paint set
Let’s give them something, something more
Track Name: 알았어 (Alasseo)
알았어 알았어 알았어 알았어

내가 누구인지 왜 여기에 있는지
내가 누구인지 왜 여기에 있는지
내가 누구인지 왜 여기에 있는지
빛을 찾았어 빛을 찾았어 빛을

알았어 알았어 알았어 알았어

내가 누구인지 왜 여기에 있는지
내가 누구인지 왜 여기에 있는지
내가 누구인지 왜 여기에 있는지
빛을 찾았어 빛을 찾았어 빛을

Track Name: Who You Are
Take the picture and get out of town
You make the face that bought you this crown
Getting up was never so hard
Who you are, you remind me

Everyone can see your new style
You made your way to the top of the pile
Here we are looking down from above
You’ll are mine, you’re not smart enough

We’re feeling your wrong
You find out where you gone astray
You’re taking care of yourself
To the fall of someone who needed
Who you are

Fervent is the way we came in
We spoke of all the things we could give
But begging is the fastest track to your heart
You’re not smart enough

We’re feeling you’re gone
You’re part of the fallen celibate
You’re liberated and strong
But you’re tied to conventional wisdom
Your ceiling tells you the way
To the stars of Babel and pyramids
When you find out where you were wrong
You find out where you’ve gone astray
Who you are

Who you are
Yea you’re gone
Who you are
Yea you’ll now
Who you are